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Every business arrives at a point where it must bridge the gap between strategic imperatives and available resources. To lower operating costs while increasing productivity. To improve profitability in a challenging economy.

The combination of these demands – operating lean while delivering extraordinary results – makes the choice of an outsourcing partner a more critical strategic decision than ever before.

Xchanging Solutions Ltd. was created by seasoned international executives to be that partner – a solution for Fortune 500 and fast-growing firms that understand how outsourcing can deliver the savings and efficiencies to improve profitability and at the same time, free them to focus on their core business mission.

Xchanging Solutions Ltd. is a totally integrated, global service delivery system that offers a complete array of IT and business process outsourcing services. These services are combined with a strong onshore presence in the client’s home country and the expertise in knowledge-based processing to take outsourcing to a new level of efficiency and quality improvement.

Xchanging’s unique business model helps companies build a bridge to their new realities, transcending the geographies of business operations to scale new heights in economical operations and high-level service. With Xchanging, companies are connected with the realities of a global supply chain enabled by electronic technology and unhampered by geography, national boundaries, or even the constraints of physical travel.

Xchanging offers a worldwide IT and business process network that includes:

One of the world’s largest business process outsourcing networks in the United States, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom
A leading IT practice in the banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and government sectors, offering business consulting, application maintenance support through software development, and application implementation service
One of the largest independently owned property and casualty insurance processing and claims outsourcing providers
The most comprehensive array of outsourced services for financial services companies worldwide
The largest outsourcing provider of professional liability claims services
The second largest outsourcing provider of structured settlement services
Experts in product liability consulting and recall outsourcing
Outsourcing practices in finance and accounting, banking, mortgage, insurance, and more.