Paris’s Most Babetastic Vintage Shop Has the Best Dressed Shopgirls, Too

Elena Mottola (@elenamottola) and Lô Batifol (@lobatifol) of Nuovo. Photo: Courtesy of Elena Mottola and Lô Batifol 

Every once in a while, there’s a vintage store that reminds you why you love shopping. It makes us fall back in love with the hunt for a great find. It’s even better when it’s evident that the employees love the clothes there just as much. Nuovo in Paris hits that sweet spot. Located in the Marais, the store boasts a killer stock of clothes that make getting dressed fun and shopping a memorable experience.

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The shop was started by Lisa Lingenti only a year and a half ago. Before launching Nuovo, she was an intern at a press office, and turned to buying and reselling vintage to supplement her income. Slowly, she began to realize that her off-hours hobby could be transformed into an actual business. Lingenti, who loves the thrill of the vintage hunt, wanted to bring that concept into her store. “The dream of having a vintage store, which initially only existed in my mind, was born out of the desire to convey the unique feeling of finding the good deals,” she says. “I wanted to give others the opportunity to find the perfect piece that would suit them and that they would love at a reasonable price without having to spend hours rummaging through bins or websites.” 

While walking in the Marais she found a vacant store. The rent was too high, but the owner believed in Ligneti’s vision and made the store work within her budget. From there, Nuovo was born.