Send Us a Video Question for Eric Adams

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, is almost certain to become the next mayor of New York City. He won the Democratic primary in a city where registered Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans.

But he has formidable challenges ahead. Unemployment rates are high, particularly for low-wage service workers. The shift toward remote work threatens thousands of businesses that serve commuters. And coronavirus cases are up again.

We are interviewing Adams for an online event about the city’s future that we will livestream on Aug. 19, and we want to bring him your questions.

Please record a video of yourself, mentioning your first name and what neighborhood or community you live in, along with your question. Send it by Aug. 2.

Some tips for your video:

Shoot horizontally, but still leave room at the top of the frame.

Check your setup: Make sure that you are in a brightly lit area and in a place where we can hear you clearly.

Please keep your video under a minute.